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SICKBAY is an esoteric dialect of BASIC with two salient features:

  • While most BASICs support a call stack which is used to implement GOSUB and RETURN, SICKBAY uses a call ring buffer, which supports not only GOSUB and RETURN but also PROLONG and CUTSHORT.
  • While some BASICs support computed line numbers in GOTO and GOSUB, SICKBAY supports computed line numbers only in line number definitions. It thus lacks an IF statement because, similar to Strelnokoff, it doesn't need one.

This is the reference distribution for SICKBAY. It contains:

  • the normative description (i.e. specification) of the language -- see the file SICKBAY.markdown in the doc directory.
  • other notes on the language, also in the doc directory.
  • SAWBONES, Cat's Eye Technologies' reference implementation of SICKBAY, written in Python, in the script directory.
  • several small example SICKBAY programs in the eg directory.

For more information on the language, see the SICKBAY article on the wiki.

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