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 `src` directory, and can, for all intents and purposes, be considered the
 reference implementation.
-There is also an implementation in Python, by Frédéric van der Plancke,
-in `` in `src`.
+In the `src` directory, there are also two other implementation of Thue:
+*   ``, in Python, written by Frédéric van der Plancke
+*   `thue.rb`, in Ruby, written by Chris Pressey
 There is an assortment of example Thue programs in the `eg` directory; all
-were written by John, except for `add_bin.t`, which was written by Frédéric.
+were written by John, except for `add_bin.t`, which was written by Frédéric,
+and the `edgcase?.t` ones, which were written by Chris.
 More information on Thue can be found on the wiki
 [entry for Thue](
 rights to proper credit, so this isn't very much (if at all) different from
 just being in the public domain.
-I, Chris Pressey, hereby place the contents of this README into the public
-domain, for whatever that's worth.
+I, Chris Pressey, hereby place my implementation in Ruby, my example Thue
+programs in `eg`, and the contents of this README, into the public domain,
+under the Creative Commons [CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication][].
+[CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication]: