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Tips installing toolshelf without Python & Python under toolshelf.

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+Advanced Usage
+It is possible to use toolshelf without having Python, git,
+Mercurial, or wget installed.  However, you have to perform
+some steps manually.  Also, probably the first thing you'll
+want to install, using "manual toolshelf", is Python.
+Luckily, you can install Python under toolshelf.
+I'll assume you want to use `/home/user/toolshelf` as your
+toolshelf.  First,
+    mkdir -p /home/user/toolshelf
+    mkdir -p /home/user/toolshelf/.bin
+    mkdir -p /home/user/toolshelf/localhost/distfile
+Then, get copies of the toolshelf and Python distributions
+onto your system somehow... perhaps download these and burn
+them to a CD-ROM, or whatever:
+I'll assume these distfiles are present in `/cdrom/`.  Now,
+    unzip /cdrom/
+    mv toolshelf-master /home/user/toolshelf/.toolshelf
+    cd /home/user/toolshelf/localhost/distfile
+    tar zxvf /cdrom/Python-2.7.6.tgz
+    cd Python-2.7.6
+    ./configure --prefix=`pwd` && make && make install
+And go do something else for a while, whilst Python builds.
+    ln -s /home/user/toolshelf/localhost/distfile/Python-2.7.6/bin/python /home/user/toolshelf/.bin/python
+Then edit your `.profile`:
+    export TOOLSHELF=/home/user/toolshelf && . $TOOLSHELF/
+Then start a new shell.  Then test that you can run python
+and toolshelf:
+    python -v
+    toolshelf
+If you can, great.  You can start off with
+    toolshelf relink all
+and this will add the other executables from the Python source
+onto the source path.  *Note*, don't do a `make clean` in the
+Python source directory, or you may not be able to use
+`toolshelf` (the `python` binary will still be there, but the
+`select` module will be deleted.)
+You ought to be able to use `toolshelf` normally from this
+point on.