Cat's Eye Technologies committed f3ee514 is uninteresting. Also a few more cookies.

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   exclude_paths tests
+  exclude_paths tests
   exclude_paths tests etc example build-aux
   build_command ln -s realpath
+# needs libreadline-dev
+  exclude_paths test
   build_command ln -s cdiff && ln -s colordiff
   exclude_paths mathics/web/media
     'ltmain\.sh', 'depcomp', 'libtool',
     # "project files" that sometimes have the executable bit set
-    'Makefile', '\.gitignore', '\.hgignore', 'Rakefile',
+    'Makefile(\.am)?', '\.gitignore', '\.hgignore', 'Rakefile',
     # if they're just digits, they're probably not all that interesting
     # these executables are not considered "interesting" because if you happen
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