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Restore the ability to dock a plain tarball or zipball.

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     toolshelf dock
-will clone a Mercurial repo from Bitbucket.  And you can dock a vanilla,
+will clone a Mercurial repo from Bitbucket.  And you can dock a vanilla,
 non-version-controlled tarball by saying
     toolshelf dock
-(It will place the source tree in a directory called ``
-under `$TOOLSHELF`.)
+(It will download the tarball to `$TOOLSHELF/.distfiles/foo-1.0.tar.gz`
+and cache it there, extract it to a temporary directory, and place the
+source tree in `$TOOLSHELF/`.  This will work
+regardless of whether the tarball contains a single directory called
+`foo-1.0`, as is standard, or if it is a "tarbomb" where all the files are
+contained in the root of the tar archive.  Which is frowned upon.)
 `toolshelf` understands a few shortcuts for Github and Bitbucket:
       exclude_path tests
-      build_command ./configure --with-lighter-fluid --no-barbecue
+      build_command ./configure --with-lighter-fluid --no-barbecue && make
 It should be possible to have a local cookies files that supplements
 `toolshelf`'s supplied cookies file, at some point.
 *   ♦ `prerequisite`
-    Example: `prerequisite gh:nelhage/reptyr`
+    Example: `prerequisite gh:Scriptor/Pharen`
     indicates a dependency source tree.  When this is given, `toolshelf`
     first checks if you have the source named by the hint's value, a source
     specification, docked; if you do not, it will try to dock that source first.
-    Example: `d=Scriptor/Pharen`.
 *   ♦ `exclude_path`
     following directories from being put on the path: `tests/x86/passing`,
     `tests/x86/failing`, `tests/x8600`.
-*   ♦ `o`
+*   ♦ `only_path`
+    Example: `only_path bin`
     indicates that *only* these subdirectories should be added to the
-    executable search path.  Example: `o=bin`.
+    executable search path.
 *   ♦ `build_command`
-    specifies a command to run to build the source.  Not sure if it will
-    be passed to a shell for execution, or just split into words at the spaces.
-    The command will be run with the root of the source tree as the working
-    directory.  Note that if the command contains spaces, and the source spec
-    is given on the command line, it will need to be quoted.
-    Example: `b=tools/make-it`.
+    Example: `build_command ./configure --no-cheese && make`
+    specifies a command to run to build the source.  Passes the entire hint
+    value to the shell for execution.  The command will be run with the root
+    of the source tree as the working directory. 
 Theory of Operation
   being put on your path (because they have rather generic names, and are
   probably not things that you would use frequently.)
-* ♦ `toolshelf dock `[``][]
+* `toolshelf dock `[``][]
-  ♦ `{x=tests:x=etc:x=examples:x=build-aux}`
   Is your system `bison` version 2.4, but you need version 2.5 installed
   temporarily in order to build `kulp/tenyr`?  No problem; just put it on
   your `toolshelf` with the above command.  After it's docked, you can issue
   the commands `toolshelf path disable` and
   `toolshelf path rebuild` to remove or reinstate
   it from your search path, respectively.
+  TODO ♦ `{x=tests:x=etc:x=examples:x=build-aux}`


+def chdir(path):
+    note("* Changing dir to `%s`..." % path)
+    os.chdir(path)
 def note(msg):
     if OPTIONS.verbose:
         print msg
         self.type = type
         self.hints = hints
+    def __repr__(self):
+        return ("Source(url=%r, host=%r, user=%r, "
+                "project=%r, type=%r, hints=%r)" %
+                (self.url,, self.user,
+                 self.project, self.type, self.hints))
     def from_catalog(klass, filename, problems):
         filename = os.path.join(CWD, filename)
     def distfile(self):
         if self.type in ('zip', 'tgz', 'tar.gz'):
-            return os.path.join(self.dir, '%s.%s' % (self.project, self.type))
+            return os.path.join(TOOLSHELF, '.distfiles',
+                                '%s.%s' % (self.project, self.type))
             return None
-        os.chdir(self.user_dir)
+        chdir(self.user_dir)
         if self.type == 'git':
             run('git', 'clone', self.url)
         elif self.type == 'hg':
             run('hg', 'clone', self.url)
         elif self.distfile is not None:
-            # XXX might not work anymore
-            run('rm', '-f', self.distfile)
-            run('wget', '-nc', '-O', self.distfile, self.url)
+            run('mkdir', '-p', os.path.join(TOOLSHELF, '.distfiles'))
+            if not os.path.exists(self.distfile):
+                run('wget', '-nc', '-O', self.distfile, self.url)
             extract_dir = os.path.join(
-                self.dir, '.extract_' + self.project
+                TOOLSHELF, '.extract_' + self.project
             run('mkdir', '-p', extract_dir)
-            os.chdir(extract_dir)
+            chdir(extract_dir)
             if self.type == 'zip':
                 run('unzip', self.distfile)
             elif self.type in ('tgz', 'tar.gz'):
             files = os.listdir(extract_dir)
             if len(files) == 1:
+                note("Archive is well-structured "
+                     "(all files in one directory)")
                 extracted_dir = os.path.join(extract_dir, files[0])
                 if not os.path.isdir(extracted_dir):
                     extracted_dir = extract_dir
+                note("Archive is a 'tarbomb' "
+                     "(all files in the root of the archive)")
                 extracted_dir = extract_dir
             run('mv', extracted_dir, self.dir)
             run('rm', '-rf', extract_dir)
         note("* Building %s..." % self.dir)
-        os.chdir(self.dir)
+        chdir(self.dir)
         if os.path.isfile(''):
             if os.path.isfile('Makefile'):
             elif os.path.isfile('src/Makefile'):
-                os.chdir('src')
+                chdir('src')
     def update(self):
-        os.chdir(self.dir)
+        chdir(self.dir)
         if os.path.isdir('.git'):
             run('git', 'pull')
         if os.path.isdir('.hg'):
         print "Usage: " + __doc__
-    os.chdir(TOOLSHELF)
+    chdir(TOOLSHELF)
     result = LazyFile(RESULT_SH_FILENAME)
     CONFIG = Config()
     COOKIES = Cookies()