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 <p>So, how would one go about confirming my intuition and proving that
 Xigxag isn't Turing-complete?</p>
-<p>For some languages, like <a href="/projects/b_juliet/">beta-Juliet</a>
-or <a href="/projects/smetana/">SMETANA</a>,
+<p>For some languages, like <a href="http://catseye.tc/projects/beta-juliet/">beta-Juliet</a>
+or <a href="http://catseye.tc/projects/smetana/">SMETANA</a>,
 we can say that, because every program gives rise to only a finite
 number of possible internal configurations during a run (no matter its input), and because Turing machines can take
 on an infinite number of internal configurations during a run, the language can't possibly