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`$` doesn't count as variable usage during analysis.

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     | print $.add.result
     | print $.add
     = 8
-    = [x=3,y=5,result=8]
+    = [result=8,x=3,y=5]
 Because using a built-in operation store in this way saturates it, it cannot
 be used again.  Typically you want to make a copy of the store first, and use
     elif type == 'Newline':
         find_used_variables(ast.children[0], s)
     elif type == 'Ref':
-        s.add(ast.children[0].value)
+        name = ast.children[0].value
+        if name != '$':
+            s.add(name)
     elif type == 'Block':
         for child in ast.children:
             find_used_variables(child, s)
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