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HQExtDirect the High Quality ExtJS Direct Java server-side stack implementation.

Please use mailing list ( for questions.



Simple usage

It's realy simple. Just create a java class with public methods and add it instance to the dispatcher. See Tutorial.

Fast method invokation

As opposite to some Ext direct java server-side stack implementations HQExtDirect searches for actions and methods in a hash tables :).

Bean arguments support

You can pass in to a method and return from it a composite types.

Polimorphism support

You can pass a child class object as argument to the method which receives object of some base class.

Java exceptions support

You can throw java exception from the server-side method and receive it in a JavaScript client code with some special information like exception class type, description messages, cause exception and stack trace.


Getting the library

$ hg clone



Project uses ANT tool for building. Just edit the file and run ant from the project root directory.

Project need help!!!

First of all. As you can see our english is not good enough. And we need somebody who can correct english API documentation and support project's wiki.