This is a portable, OS-agnostic telnet client.
It includes support for all 65535 Unicode characters, including the Asian ones.

It is meant for use as a game client, but will work equally well as a generic telnet client or terminal emulator too.

Command line options:

 -c <file>
 --config <file>

   Use <file> instead of 'default.cfg' as the config file. 

 -e <command>
 --exec <command>

   Execute <command> and run as a terminal emulator instead of a telnet client.
   Note: this will only work on Unix-like operating systems.

 <host> <port>

   Connect to this host and port instead of what's specified in default.cfg.

See default.cfg for other options that can be set through the config file. (Not documented yet, but mostly self-explanatory.)

The source code is hosted here:

The code comes in three versions: one that uses the SDL2 library, one that uses the Qt library, and as a web server that serves images to a web-browser client.

You will need to make a choice between the three, depending on your preferences and system setup.

See README.webtelnet for instructions for the web server solution.

How to compile and install the desktop client on a Unix-like system:

 $ mkdir build
 $ cd build
 $ cmake .. 
   (For the SDL2 version.)
 $ cmake .. -DTOOLKIT=Qt -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<your destination directory>
   (For the Qt version; 'SDL' for the SDL version.)
 $ make install