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miARma is a fully customizable pipeline for NGS transcriptome analyses. Including gene/transcripts, miRNAs and circRNAs expression measurements. Created at Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Group (CbBio) Institute of Biomedicine of Seville. IBIS (Spain) Modified and Updated at Bioinformatics Unit at IPBLN-CSIC (Institue for Parasitology and Biomedicine Lopez-Neyra, CSIC). Granada (Spain). Copyright (c) 2017 IBIS & IPBLN. All rights reserved.

miARma 1.7.2 release (18/Dec/17)

Minor bugs fixed.

  • New Ensembl BiomaRt URL used
  • Order columns from ReadCount section without checking samples names
  • Fixed a bug in the TargetPrediction

miARma 1.7.1 release (21/Aug/17)

Minor bugs fixed eg. * No aligned reads in hisat2 paired end analysis added.

Added stuff: Unaligned files are compressed miRDeeparam added to include parameters to miRDeep execution

miARma 1.7.0 release (09/Aug/17)

1. Included in miARma

Quality Software

Trimming Softare


Entity Quantification


2. Pre-requisites

miARma-Seq is a tool that provides an easy and common interface to various analysis software. It also intends to reduce to the minimum the number of dependencies. Nevertheless, some basic programs listed below must be correctly installed:


How do I get set up?

Guidelines/How to

Code Documentation

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