Cliff Biffle avatar Cliff Biffle committed 12fe5f3

Moved the KERNAL/interrupt stack into AHB SRAM, so the user can really have the full 32KiB of fast SRAM.

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           movs r1, #1
           strb r1, [r0]
+          .equ initial_psp, 0x10008000
           @ Switch to Process Stack.
-          subs r0, sp, #(32 * 4)        @ Place process stack 32 cells lower.
+          mov32 r0, initial_psp
           msr PSP, r0                   @ Set PSP.
           movs r0, #2                   @ Bit 1 = Process Stack
           msr CONTROL, r0               @ SP is now PSP.
 .cpu cortex-m3
-.equ initial_sp, 0x10008000
+.equ initial_sp, 0x20080A00
 .section .isr_vector
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