Cliff Biffle committed 15fd2d0

Cleaned up KinectViewerAppDelegate a bit.

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 @class KVDepthView;
+// Since this is a single-window application, I'm abusing the
+// application delegate as the controller.
 @interface KinectViewerAppDelegate : NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate> {
   NSWindow *window;
   KVDepthView *depthView;
+  // Interface to the active Kinect.  If no Kinect is being
+  // used (i.e. we're replaying a file) this will be nil.
   KFKinect *kinect;


 @implementation KinectViewerAppDelegate
+#pragma mark --- Properties
 @synthesize window;
 @synthesize depthView;
+#pragma mark --- NSApplication delegate methods
 - (BOOL)applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed: (NSApplication *)theApplication {
   return YES;