Cliff Biffle avatar Cliff Biffle committed 334f1da

KVDepthRecorder now writes frames asynchronously using GCD. There are no safeguards against buffering all of RAM if the disk is slow, but previously we'd drop frames and that was lame.

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 @interface KVDepthRecorder ()
+@property dispatch_queue_t dispatchQueue;
 @property NSFileHandle *fileHandle;
 @implementation KVDepthRecorder
 @synthesize fileHandle;
+@synthesize dispatchQueue;
+- init {
+  if (!(self = [super init])) return nil;
+  dispatchQueue = dispatch_queue_create("org.mg8.kinect.depth-recorder", 0);
+  return self;
+- (void)finalize {
+  dispatch_release(dispatchQueue);
+  [super finalize];
 - (void) open: (NSString *) path {
   @synchronized (self) {
 - (void) setLatestDepthSamples: (NSData *) data {
-  @synchronized (self) {
-    [fileHandle writeData: data];
-  }
+  NSData *copy = [NSData dataWithBytes: [data bytes] length: [data length]];
+  dispatch_async(dispatchQueue, ^{
+    [fileHandle writeData: copy];
+  });
 - (NSData *) latestDepthSamples {
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