Cliff Biffle avatar Cliff Biffle committed 6ae1b7e

Increased depth buffer to 24-bit. This seems to fix some odd culling bugs I was seeing.

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 		<object class="NSMutableArray" key="IBDocument.EditedObjectIDs">
 			<bool key="EncodedWithXMLCoder">YES</bool>
 			<integer value="296"/>
-			<integer value="372"/>
+			<integer value="533"/>
 		<object class="NSArray" key="IBDocument.PluginDependencies">
 			<bool key="EncodedWithXMLCoder">YES</bool>
 							<reference key="NSSuperview" ref="439893737"/>
 							<object class="NSOpenGLPixelFormat" key="NSPixelFormat">
 								<object class="NSMutableData" key="NSPixelAttributes">
-									<bytes key="NS.bytes">AAAABQAAAGAAAAAMAAAAEAAAAAA</bytes>
+									<bytes key="NS.bytes">AAAABQAAAGAAAAAMAAAAGAAAAAA</bytes>
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