Cliff Biffle committed 9c3d015

Renamed the depth texture in the vertex shader, and explicitly bound it to texture unit 0. This further illustrates the poor factoring of the current code.

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   glClearColor(0.3f, 0, 0.5f, 0);
+  GLint depthUniform = glGetUniformLocation(program, "depthTex");
+  glUniform1i(depthUniform, 0);
   [self resetCamera];
   [renderer initGL];
  * which can be found in the LICENSE file.
-uniform sampler2D tex;
+uniform sampler2D depthTex;
  * Vertex Shader entry point.
 void main() {
   // Load our depth from the camera's depth texture.
   vec2 imageCoord = gl_Vertex.xy * vec2(1., 4./3.) * -0.5 + 0.5;
-  vec4 sample = texture2D(tex, imageCoord);
+  vec4 sample = texture2D(depthTex, imageCoord);
   vec3 kinectPoint = vec3(gl_Vertex.xy, sample.g * 65536.);
   // Undo the Kinect's perspective projection, leaving the homogeneous term.
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