kinect-viewer / types.h

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Cliff Biffle avatarCliff Biffle
Added projective transforms for mapping one frustum onto another.
Cliff Biffle avatarCliff Biffle
KVDepthMaps are now notified of color data received from the camera. They don't do anything with it yet.
Cliff Biffle avatarCliff Biffle
KVRenderers no longer maintain their own Z-buffers -- this is now the job of KVDepthMap. This restores the ability to change renderers during freeze-frame, and prepares the way for reimplementing foreground isolation.
Cliff Biffle avatarCliff Biffle
Moved computePerspective out of types.h into a new header, utility.h, and stuffed the vector math routines in there too.
Cliff Biffle avatarCliff Biffle
Moved correctPerspective into types.h in preparation for refactoring.
Cliff Biffle avatarCliff Biffle
Reworked types used to represent depth data.
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