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M3Forth is a young Forth implementation for the Cortex-M3. At the moment, it targets the LPC17xx series, but it should be portable to other M3 parts.

M3Forth aims for

  1. Speed
  2. Compactness essentially that order, but smaller code is often faster on the M3, so maybe we can have both.

More specifically,

  • M3Forth is a relatively new system. It doesn't do everything you might need yet, but it's coming along quickly.
  • M3Forth is very specifically tailored for the Cortex-M3, a 32-bit ARM core. It will not run on earlier ARM parts (e.g. ARM7) or on non-ARM machines.
  • I've only tested M3Forth on the LPC17xx. It will require some porting to work on other M3 parts, since it uses peripherals that ARM chose not to standardize (like UARTs).