Majstro (pronounced as in Esperanto: MY-stroh) is a Java implementation of the Open Sound Control protocol.


  • Implements most of OSC 1.0 (bundles are not yet implemented).
  • Implements OSC 1.1's boolean type.
  • Provides an OSC-over-UDP channel implementation. (Support for other transports is in the works.)
  • Designed to be simple, readable, and fast.
  • Extensive test suite with over 93% instruction-level coverage.
  • Tested on Linux, Mac OS X, Android, and (on the 'tiny' branch) the Lejos embedded VM.

Majstro uses the Guava Libraries extensively, like most of my software. To run the tests, you'll also need:

  • JUnit 3.x
  • EasyMock 3.x
  • cglib 2.2 (for EasyMock)
  • objenesis (for EasyMock)

I do not provide an ant build file or Eclipse project. I suggest using Eclipse's "import existing sources" feature to load and build the code -- it does the right thing.


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