Maciej Fijalkowski committed 645f736 Draft

hopefully fix test_jit_get_stats

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         if gc_ll_descr.gcrootmap:
-        debug_start('jit-backend-counts')
-        self.set_debug(have_debug_prints())
-        debug_stop('jit-backend-counts')
+        if not self._debug:
+            # if self._debug is already set it means that someone called
+            # set_debug by hand before initializing the assembler. Leave it
+            # as it is
+            debug_start('jit-backend-counts')
+            self.set_debug(have_debug_prints())
+            debug_stop('jit-backend-counts')
     def setup(self, looptoken):
         assert self.memcpy_addr != 0, "setup_once() not called?"


         assert bound & (bound-1) == 0       # a power of two
     def test_jit_get_stats(self):
-        py.test.xfail()
         driver = JitDriver(greens = [], reds = ['i'])
         def f():
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