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Refactor some report plumbing. There's a simpler way...

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File coverage/

 import getopt, sys
-from coverage.annotate import AnnotateReporter
-from coverage.html import HtmlReporter
-from coverage.summary import SummaryReporter
 from coverage.execfile import run_python_file
 USAGE = r"""
             omit = omit.split(',')
         if settings.get('report'):
-            reporter = SummaryReporter(
-                                self.coverage, show_missing, ignore_errors
-                                )
-  , omit_prefixes=omit)
+  , show_missing=show_missing, ignore_errors=ignore_errors, omit_prefixes=omit)
         if settings.get('annotate'):
-            reporter = AnnotateReporter(self.coverage, ignore_errors)
-  , directory, omit_prefixes=omit)
+            self.coverage.annotate(morfs=args, directory=directory, ignore_errors=ignore_errors, omit_prefixes=omit)
         if settings.get('html'):
-            reporter = HtmlReporter(self.coverage, ignore_errors)
-  , directory, omit_prefixes=omit)
+            self.coverage.html_report(morfs=args, directory=directory, ignore_errors=ignore_errors, omit_prefixes=omit)
         return OK

File coverage/

 from coverage.codeunit import code_unit_factory
 from import CoverageData
 from coverage.files import FileLocator
+from coverage.html import HtmlReporter
 from coverage.misc import format_lines, CoverageException
 from coverage.summary import SummaryReporter
             statements, excluded, missing, format_lines(statements, missing)
-    def report(self, morfs, show_missing=True, ignore_errors=False, file=None):
+    def report(self, morfs, show_missing=True, ignore_errors=False, file=None, omit_prefixes=None):
         """Write a summary report to `file`.
         Each module in `morfs` is listed, with counts of statements, executed
         reporter = SummaryReporter(self, show_missing, ignore_errors)
-, outfile=file)
+, outfile=file, omit_prefixes=omit_prefixes)
-    def annotate(self, morfs, directory=None, ignore_errors=False):
+    def annotate(self, morfs, directory=None, ignore_errors=False, omit_prefixes=None):
         """Annotate a list of modules.
         Each module in `morfs` is annotated.  The source is written to a new
         reporter = AnnotateReporter(self, ignore_errors), directory)
+    def html_report(self, morfs, directory=None, ignore_errors=False, omit_prefixes=None):
+        """Generate an HTML report.
+        """
+        reporter = HtmlReporter(self, ignore_errors)
+, outfile=file, omit_prefixes=omit_prefixes)