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reviewboard extension for mercurial

This extension adds a new command 'postreview' to post changesets for
review to a reviewboard server.

For more information about Review Board see: http://www.review-board.org/


Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:

--- ~/.hgrc ---
reviewboard = /path/to/reviewboard

server          = http://reviewboard.example.com/

# user            = ... # username for login
# password        = ...
# target_groups   = ... # default review groups
# target_people   = ... # default review people

# For a specific proxy specify:
# http_proxy =
# For no proxy use
# http_proxy = none
# otherwise your proxy will be autodetected from the 'http_proxy' env var(unix)
# or the registry(windows)
--- ~/.hgrc ---

Configure the Review Board reposity id for this Hg repo per in your per project
mercurial prefs(.hg/hgrc).

--- .hg/hgrc ---
repoid = n
--- .hg/hgrc ---


To post the tip changeset to the Review board server:

$ hg postreview tip
login to http://reviewboard.example.com
username: ...
[1] Stuff
[2] miscrepo
repository id: 1
review request draft saved: http://reviewboard.example.com/r/366/

To update the review request ID 12 with the tip changeset:

$ hg postreview -e 12 tip
login to http://reviewboard.example.com
username: ...
review request draft saved: http://reviewboard.example.com/r/12/

Copyright (C) 2008 Dennis Schoen <dennis.schoen@epublica.de>