HydrOffice BAG Explorer


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HydrOffice is a research development environment for ocean mapping. It provides a collection of hydro-packages, each of them dealing with a specific issue of the field. The main goal is to speed up both algorithms testing and research-2-operation.

BAG Explorer is a light application, based on HDF Compass and the HydrOffice BAG library tools, to explore BAG data files.

HDF Compass is written in Python, but ships as a native application on Windows, OS X, and Linux, by using PyInstaller and Py2App to package the app. For more info about HDF Compass, visit the GitHub repository and the project web page.

HydrOffice BAG library provides access to BAG-specific features, as well as a collection of tools to verify and manipulate BAG data files.


For executing and packaging the BAG Explorer app:

  • hdf_compass (that requires several dependencies as matplotlib, wxPython, h5py)
  • hydroffice.bag (that also requires lxml and osgeo.gdal)
  • PyInstaller [for freezing the application]
  • appdmg [for creating a dmg on Mac]


Use of Pyinstaller

  • pyinstaller --clean -y freeze/BAGExplorer.1file.spec
  • pyinstaller --clean -y freeze/BAGExplorer.1folder.spec

Creation of MAC OS dmg

  • appdmg spec.json dist/BAGExplorer.dmg

Other info