then Christophe de Vienne <> helphed a lot with design, architecture and implementation.

All this work could not have been released without our company which graciously agreed to release this work under a Free Software License: PSF

Please read the LICENSE file for more information about the license. This is an exact copy of the PSF licence from

where we only changed the name of the company so that it can have a legal value.

Alpha Centauri: is the initial and main sponsor of this library. ______________________________________________________________________________

  1. Installation and requirements:

    Just run:

    sudo python install # for unix users


    python install # for windows users

    alternatively an install.bat file is provided for windows users so they can double click on it :)

    this command will auto-install the required setuptools version if necessary

    During this installation phase, the program will try to download and install: * pytz from pypi:

# vim: expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: