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     os.Stdout.WriteString("<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"./style.css\" />\n</head>\n")
     os.Stdout.WriteString("<blockquote>\"" + quote.Citation + "\"</blockquote>\n")
-    os.Stdout.WriteString(quote.Author + " - " + quote.Year + "\n")
+    os.Stdout.WriteString(quote.Author)
+    if len(quote.Year) != 0 {
+        os.Stdout.WriteString(" - " + quote.Year + "\n")
+    } else {
+        os.Stdout.WriteString("\n")
+    }
+    os.Stdout.WriteString("<!-- Generated with GoQuotes (https://bitbucket.org/cedricbonhomme/goquotes) -->\n")
         <author>Oksana Chernyavskaya</author>
+    <quote>
+        <citation>I'm forever black-eyed, a product of a broken home.</citation>
+        <author>Placebo (Brian Molko)</author>
+        <year>2001</year>
+    </quote>
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