pyEnigma / pyenigma /

#! /usr/bin/env python
#-*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from rotor import *

class Enigma(object):
    Represents an Enigma machine.
    def __init__(self, ref, r3, r2, r1, key='AAA', ringset=1):
        Initialization of the Enigma machine.
        self.reflector = ref
        self.rotor1 = r1
        self.rotor2 = r2
        self.rotor3 = r3

        self.rotor1.state = key[0]
        self.rotor2.state = key[1]
        self.rotor3.state = key[2]
        self.reflector.state = 'A'
        self.ringset = ringset

        alpha_out = [" "] * 26
        for i in range(len(alpha)):
            alpha_out[i] = alpha[i]

            self.transtab = str.maketrans(alpha, "".join(alpha_out))
            # Python 2
            from string import maketrans
            self.transtab = maketrans(alpha,"".join(alpha_out))

    def encipher(self, plaintext_in):
        Encrypt 'plaintext_in'.
        ciphertext = ''
        plaintext_in_upper = plaintext_in.upper()
        plaintext = plaintext_in_upper.translate(self.transtab)
        for c in plaintext:
            if self.rotor2.is_in_turnover_pos():
            if self.rotor1.is_in_turnover_pos():


            if not c.isalpha():
                ciphertext += c
            t = self.rotor1.encipher_right(c)
            t = self.rotor2.encipher_right(t)
            t = self.rotor3.encipher_right(t)
            t = self.reflector.encipher(t)
            t = self.rotor3.encipher_left(t)
            t = self.rotor2.encipher_left(t)
            t = self.rotor1.encipher_left(t)
            ciphertext += t

        res = ciphertext.translate(self.transtab)

        fres = ""
        for idx, char in enumerate(res):
            if plaintext_in[idx].islower():
                fres += char.lower()
                fres += char
        return fres

    def __str__(self):
        Pretty display.
        return """
        Reflector: %s
        Rotor 1: %s
        Rotor 2: %s
        Rotor 3: %s""" % (self.reflector, self.rotor1, self.rotor2, self.rotor3)
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