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+\subsubsection{Existing ride sharing systems}
     \frametitle{Existing ride sharing systems}
 %     \end{itemize}
+\subsubsection{Related research}
+    \frametitle{Related research}
+    \begin{itemize}
+        \item some research using a Multi-Agent approach;
+        \item strong emphasis on the problem of \textbf{optimization}:
+        \begin{itemize}
+            \item vehicles and ressources management~\cite{manel:hal-00715102, karama:hal-00717650};
+            \item itinerary optimization~\cite{armendariz2010carpooling}.
+        \end{itemize}
+        \item problem of \textbf{unforessen events} during
+            the trip rarelly addressed
+            (\cite{sottini2006andiamo} MAS with \textsl{fixed} access points);
+        \item security in the sense of \textbf{safety}
+            (to be assured of the identity of the passenger or driver).
+    \end{itemize}
 \subsection{Our solution}
     \frametitle{Our solution provides}
         \item a management of unforeseen events in the planning (\textcolor{green}{dynamic});
         \item a secured end-to-end communication channel (\textcolor{green}{security}).
+    \begin{block}{Service Oriented Architecture}
+        Good guarantees of flexibility for future applications.
+    \end{block}
     \frametitle{A Multi-Agent Based architecture}
         \item Distributed;
-        \item Multi-Agent System (SPADE \cite{escriva2006jabber}) based on XMPP;
+        \item Multi-Agent System (SPADE~\cite{escriva2006jabber}) based on XMPP;
         \item Two kind of agents:
             \item local, hosted on client's smartphones;