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Bluetooth rationale.

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 The authentication is contact-less and either automatically triggered
 once the user is close enough to the corresponding pickup point or by manual
+activation (in order to save battery).
 Each user knows in advance the ID of the other users he will have
 to interact with. This ID is used by the client agent to request in
 advance the vCard of each user involved in the trip. Each vCard contains
 / single passenger case, except that the server continues to wait for new
 requests at the end of the transaction.
+The fact that the coverage using Bluetooth is quite limited is not a problem
+in our case. As explained just before the Bluetooth authentication is only
+performed at a pickup point between a driver and one or several passengers.
+Moreover, almost all todays smarphones are Bluetooth capable (not yet
+the case with the NFC technology).
+Another advantage arises from this choice: the peers
+authentication step does not require any GSM connection. The only condition
+is that all participants have beforehand the necessary vCards.
 \subsection{Authentication of a transaction in a MAS Network}
 Each transaction supported by the MAS network is authenticated and encrypted.