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 platform in Section~\ref{sec_wisafecar-security-platform}, focusing on the
 security implications. 
 Section~\ref{sec_description_of_the_carpooling_service} highlights the
-technologies used to provide dynamicity to the carpooling service and depicts
+technologies used to provide dynamism to the carpooling service and depicts
 in details the implemented architecture.
 Before concluding, Section~\ref{sec_security-components} presents the security measures
 implemented within the distributed service platform.
 In the dynamic carpooling prototype, each user owns a mobile terminal -- namely
 a smartphone -- running the WiSafeCar application.
 This application is composed of several pluggable components. 
-The guidance module is based on Navit opensource project~\cite{navit}, and
+The guidance module is based on Navit open source project~\cite{navit}, and
 provide a GPS based navigation application, guiding the user through his
 planning but also allowing to send events and alerts to the platform.
 The mutual authentication module is triggered automatically once two users