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         \item location tracing service (very sensitive data to secure);
         \item traffic information (congestion, accidents, meteorological information);
+        \item information exchange between services: most of the time using the Datex II format \cite{datexII}.
         \item Multi-Agent System (SPADE~\cite{escriva2006jabber}) based on XMPP;
         \item Two kind of agents:
-            \item local, hosted on client's smartphones;
+            \item local, hosted on client's smartphones
+                (connected to the open source Navit application \cite{navit});
             \item remote, on the WiSafeCar platform.
         \item authentication and encryption system.

File presentation/biblio.bib

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+    title = "Datex 2",
+    howpublished = ""
     title = "WiSafeCar, Wireless Safety Network between Cars, EU/Celtic project.",
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