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 on the specific security part of the system, including mutual authentication of
 the users, authentication of the pluggable services and protection of the data
 exchanged on the WiSafeCar network.
+Section~\ref{sec_related-works} gives a brief presentation of the related works
+in the field of this paper.
 We first present
 the high level services provided by the carpooling
 platform in Section~\ref{sec_wisafecar-security-platform}, focusing on the
+% Section: Introduction
+\section{Related works} \label{sec_related-works}
+Actual carpooling systems are reduced to social websites,
+generally collaborative. The trip is planned long time before
+and do not take into account events that can happen after
+the planning and before the start of the trip. These solutions
+are static and the choice of the itinerary is usually left to the
+We really think that our research is an innovative contribution
+for the ride-sharing problem on severall aspects. Moreover
+it is important to mention that we have developed in our
+labs a concrete and faithful implementation of the proposition.
+To our knowledge very little research are using a decentralized
+architecture based
+on a MAS platform. Without forgetting the handling of unforeseen
+events with a real time reaction.
+We can mention \cite{manel:hal-00715102, armendariz2010carpooling,
+sottini2006andiamo, karama:hal-00717650}.
+But the security aspect is too often neglected.
+Indeed, a scrutiny of the
+literature reveals that very few scientific papers are dealing
+with security concerns that were mentioned. Especially
+when it comes about security of participants in the sense of safety.
+The SOA oriented architecture pledges to interoperability and openness.
 % Section: WiSafeCar Service Platform
 \section{WiSafeCar Service Platform} \label{sec_wisafecar-security-platform}

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