Get IT

to get this exporter, get mercurial http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ then

hg clone https://cedricpinson@bitbucket.org/cedricpinson/osgexport/
cd osgexport
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ -DTEST=ON
ctest -V


copy blenderExporter/* in your /.blender/scripts/


To export rigged model from blender you have to name your VertexGroup? with the bone name, because the association is done by name. If you have more than One bone in a vertex group, it will not work. It's something that has to be fixed. you can get the last version of blender exporter here http://hg.plopbyte.net/osgexport/ Features

  • Export Mesh, Light, Transform
  • Export Action (Rigged mesh) and IPOS
  • Support Group in blender, and create instance in the blender file
  • Export multi uvs, multi texture, multi materials

How to report a bug

send a minimal blender file that produce the problem, and the result osg file. https://bitbucket.org/cedricpinson/osgexport/issues?status=new

How to send a patch: When you submit a patch you should run the test to be sure it does not break the current fonctionnality. You can run with ctest -V in the build directory.

you can send bug or patch to cedric.pinson@plopbyte.net


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