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-== Get IT ==
+=== Get IT ===
 to get this exporter, get mercurial http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/
 ctest -V
-== INSTALL ==
+=== INSTALL ===
 copy blenderExporter/* in your ~/.blender/scripts/
-== Notes ==
+=== Notes ===
 To export rigged model from blender you have to name your VertexGroup? with the bone name, because the association is done by name. 
 If you have more than One bone in a vertex group, it will not work. It's something that has to be fixed. you can get the last 
 version of blender exporter here http://hg.plopbyte.net/osgexport/
 === How to report a bug ===
 send a minimal blender file that produce the problem, and the result osg file.
 How to send a patch:
 When you submit a patch you should run the test to be sure it does not break the current fonctionnality.