CEGUI automatic API docs builder

Let's build the docs!

1. Make sure you have doxygen and all fonts

# as root
yum install doxygen
yum install gnu-free-sans-fonts

2. Call:

cd docs-builder
./builder build

3. Wait for it to finish 4. Collect the bits in local-temp/output

It will contain folders with doxygen HTML as well as zip files conveniently prepared for upload to sourceforge

Uploading to sourceforge

CEGUI hosts API reference and other docs at Uploading there requires SourceForge project access to CEGUI.

1. Get the zip files into /home/project-web/crayzedsgui/htdocs/docs/ using scp The URI that's usable in various GUI tools is sftp://$username,

2. Request a shell

ssh -t $username, create

3. Navigate to the crayzedsgui htdocs/docs folder

cd /home/project-web/crayzedsgui/htdocs/docs/

4. Extract all the zip files

for z in *.zip; do unzip $z; done

5. Cleanup

rm *.zip

Note: We need to remove the zip files because sourceforge htdocs is not a download hosting service.

Making sure the support files are in place

To enable extra features - version switching and index - we need extra files provided in the support folder of this repo. These need to be placed in /home/project-web/crayzedsgui/htdocs/docs/.

warning: These PHP files are very nasty and I do not recommend looking at them. I think it's unlikely that they are exploitable but if I am wrong, please report it to us so we can fix it. We strongly prefer that to somebody uploading malware to our sourceforge htdocs.

Autobuilding CEED docs

Not implemented yet!