CEGUI_STATIC: Function getWindowFactoryModule is used by Scheme.cpp but is not defined anywhere

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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "odedsh"

When building with CEGUI_STATIC: Scheme::loadWindowFactories() calls the function getWindowFactoryModule however it is not defined anywhere in CEGUI

Error is: libCEGUIBase-0_Static_d.a(Scheme.cpp.obj): In function ZN5CEGUI6Scheme19loadWindowFactoriesEv': Scheme.cpp:279: undefined reference togetWindowFactoryModule'

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Try to build a working executable with static linkage:

Compile with CEGUI_STATIC defined and -lCEGUIBase-0_Static_d -lCEGUICoreWindowRendererSet_Static_d -lCEGUIOpenGLRenderer-0_Static_d -lCEGUIExpatParser_Static_d -lCEGUISILLYImageCodec_Static_d

Additional information: In case of DLL linkage getWindowFactoryModule is loaded dynamically and called as well. Since it is not defined anywhere this function should not work unless this code is never reached for instance if d_widgetModules is empty.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: odedsh

    (Renderer should be linked before Base class, if you want to try and reproduce.. ) -lCEGUIOpenGLRenderer-0_Static_d -lCEGUIBase-0_Static_d -lCEGUICoreWindowRendererSet_Static_d -lCEGUIExpatParser_Static_d -lCEGUISILLYImageCodec_Static_d

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: odedsh

    I compiled a version of this function with assert false as its first operation. The code now compiles and the program works which seems to support the indication that this code is not used in the simple code paths.

  3. Tony Theodore

    I think this can be marked as resolved, there's a CEGUI_BUILD_STATIC_FACTORY_MODULE option that can be specified.

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