interpolateRelativeMultiply only works for interpolating floats

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Issue #1036 open
Nick Enstein created an issue

The interpolateRelativeMultiply method inside the TplLinearInterpolator template class only works for interpolating floats.

Passing higher types (such as UDim for animating a window's size/position with relative-multiply animation), will cause the value to be statically cast to a float, and hence result is garbage data and the object's properties get set to some nonsense value.

Reproducibility: always

Steps to reproduce: Animate some UDim property of a widgets (such as a button's size) using the Relative-Multiply technique.

Observe that the size property of the window gets set to {{0,0}, {0,0}} because of the problem described above.

OS: All, OS build: All, Platform: All

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  1. Nick Enstein reporter

    I have fixed this locally, and tested that it doesn't break anything (sample demos, etc...)

    About to do a pull request on the repo.

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