Backspace doesn't work when not hovering over a text box

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Issue #1037 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Boost113"

When selecting text in a text box and then hitting backspace while not howering over the box nothing happens. Howering over the box with the cursor deletes the text as expected. Also affects multiline text boxes.

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Kra Pron

    Happens on the Text sample demo as well. In single & multi line edit boxes, neither backspace or cursor keys will work unless mouse cursor is hovering the widget.

    Bug is in v0 & default branch. It works in v0-8

  2. Lukas Meindl

    If it appears only where you said it does, then this is most likely related to timotei's GSoC project for input propagation

  3. timotei

    Ah right, I remember this. It was a bug on default (at least) even before I started working on it :D

    But I can/will investigate it :)

  4. Lukas Meindl

    Seems like timootei didnt investigate after all. I m looking at it now - first of all if you select text and hit something other than backspace, then the text is correctly overwritten. If i hit backspace while hovering, Editbox::handleBackspace(void) is hit. Otherwise it does not even enter the function. The difference lies on whether onSemanticInputEvent is called or not. This is handled entirely differently in v0-8. I know the reason for the problem already but I dont know how to fix it the right way yet, will fix it today though.

  5. Lukas Meindl

    I can't seem to be able to reconstruct the issue in v0. I think this report in the comments is false. I solved the issue in default and will close it based on that

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