Changed name of auto_btn's to avoid crash during save

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Issue #108 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "scriptkid"

Hey guys,

this patch avoids a crash when saving a tabcontrol which has one or more tabs. The crash happened when creating a "suffix", for example in "isPropertyAtDefault". It would result in an out-of-bounds for the substr method, because the auto_btn's weren't nicely prefixed with their parent's name, as opposed to other widgets.

For example: "auto_btnTabControlDemo/Page1" (window) and "TabControlDemo/TabControlauto_TabPaneButtons" (parent)

I changed this into: "TabControlDemo/TabControlauto_TabPaneButtonsauto_btnTabControlDemo/Page1" (window) and "TabControlDemo/TabControlauto_TabPaneButtons" (parent)

Yes that's a long name, but at least consistent ;-)

It shouldn't interfere with Dalfy's fix to avoid empty auto windows being written, because it always writes a font and a text (2 properties).

Reproducibility: always

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