CEED: Give better support for windows with blank window id ("")

Issue #1113 resolved
Christopher Beck
created an issue

An important issue in using CEGUI is that each window must have a unique id string. As I understand, the library has changed in recent versions so that to some extent it handles this, so that the window implicitly has an id string based on its path to the root window. Thus a name can repeat in different parts of the tree.

However, you still can't repeat a name at the same level of the tree, or you get an exception, as I have found.

However, I often want to do this -- for instance if I have a non-modal dialog of some kind which the user should be able to open several copies of.

As I understand, a good way to deal with this in v0-8 is to set the id of the non-modal dialog to be "", the empty string, which causes the CEGUI lib to assign the id to a free number.

This works great in the program, but it has strange consequences in CEED. The consequences seem to be that CEED itself starts incrementing the window's id when the dialog is loaded, so that if you click "code" tab and then click back to the window, CEED will think the window code itself has changed, and that you might want to save the changes, even though nothing has changed.

What I would like is for CEED not to modify the window id of a window with a blank id, and not to prompt me to save it unnecessarily.

I'm not sure if this is an accurate explanation of the cause but anyways I hope it's enough info to reproduce the bug. Please let me know if a more rigorous bug report is needed.

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