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Marvin Gülker
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Hi everyone,

the CEGUI tutorial first explains how to set up the resource providers and connects them to the several managers available. However, on the next page it makes use of the TaharezLook.scheme file and the files referenced from that file without even explaining where all of a sudden that file comes from. Someone new to CEGUI is going to search the docs for that file but it is simply not mentioned.

The file is in the CEGUI source tarball (and should thus be installed in /usr/share on a Linux distro), as well as all other files referenced. I suggest to expand the tutorial in the section "Loading the Basic Files" at the end with this paragraph:

The TaharezLook.scheme file used as an example in this tutorial as well as the corresponding imageset, font and looknfeel files (including DejaVuSans-10.font) are shipped with CEGUI’s source tarball and can be copied from that. Depending on how you installed CEGUI they might also be available on your system already (e.g., in /usr/share/cegui/datafiles on a Linux system). If not, download the CEGUI source tarball corresponding to your version of CEGUI from the download page and extract it. Inside it you will find a directory datafiles/ whose inner structure corresponds to the structure recommended in the previous part of this tutorial. Copy the files from there into the directories you set up (or simply copy the entire datafiles/ directory if you are lazy). If you don’t do this, CEGUI will complain about these files being not found and will crash your program with an exception.

Greetings Marvin

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