pkg-config files not installed when using MinGW

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Marvin Gülker
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the build system does not install the pkg-config files when MinGW (with MSYS natively or as a crosscompiler from a Unix system) is in use as the compiler toolchain. This is because in CMakeLists.txt all .pc files are subject to this condition:


UNIX is not set when targetting Windows, regardless of whether it's MinGW or VisualStudio.

You should probably not make the assumption pkg-config is only in use when compiling for Unix systems. Instead, a new flag CEGUI_BUILD_PKGCONFIG or similar would be nice. You can still have this flag default to OFF on non-unix systems.

Also be ensure that the pkg-config file includes CEGUI_STATIC as a required flag when CEGUI is compiled statically.

  • Reproducibility: Always
  • Operating system: Gentoo Linux 64-bits
  • Reproduction steps: See #1131

Greetings Marvin

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  1. Tony Theodore

    Requiring the latest CMake is ideal, we build it as part of MXE so all users are on the same version. I've just kicked off a full build to test the 3.5.2 --> 3.6.1 update - these are seamless these days (takes about 16 hours to confirm).

    I've also switched to tracking the v0-8 branch so changes can be tested quickly (I'll try to push it soon).

  2. Yaron Cohen-Tal

    @Marvin Gülker, @Tony Theodore: Ok, my current solution is bad for various reasons, including changing current default behavior. I've pushed a new solution, which is compatible with the original behavior. Now, pkg-config files r installed as a separate component called cegui_pkgconfig. By default, it's still installed only when targetting "UNIX AND NOT APPLE", as it was originally. However, with cmake >= 3.6, u can install it manually by running cmake -DCOMPONENT=cegui_pkgconfig -P cmake_install.cmake from the build directory.

  3. Tony Theodore

    Unfortunately, the cmake update breaks a few packages (never say seamless!) so we can't update to it immediately.

    The component-based install seems like creating extra work for users when a declarative option like -DCEGUI_BUILD_PKGCONFIG or autodetection is both easier to implement and doesn't require new cmake features:

    # or

    The build script for the manual install would also have detect which system it's running on to avoid installing twice - there's no harm in that but it seems unnecessary.

  4. Yaron Cohen-Tal

    @Tony Theodore: Lol we'll eventually get it right :)

    Ok I've created a new advanced cmake option CEGUI_INSTALL_PKGCONFIG that controls whether pkg-config files r installed. It's default value is still UNIX AND NOT APPLE. I've pushed the new version.

    I'm afraid we can't change the default in an ABI/API compatible branch, but we'll change it to CMAKE_HOST_UNIX AND NOT CMAKE_HOST_APPLE ) in the API incompatible branch. I think MINGW has nothing to do with it - u might just as well use MinGW from a non-unix environment (e.g. MinGW-builds) where the current default (off) seems right to me.

  5. Tony Theodore

    Great, thanks! The *.pc files are now installed and thanks for clarifying the defaults.

    Next up is using these for static linking. The files themselves don't have the *_Static suffix for libs, the -DCEGUI_STATIC flag, or other Requires.private: freeimage xerces-c freetype2 libpcre ... Requires: CEGUI-0 = 0.8.7 glut gl glew. For MXE builds, we can do post-install processing on these but it would be ideal to have the files generated with the detected CMake options.

    Probably the main question is handling -DCEGUI_STATIC. We use pkgconf, an alternate implementation of pkg-config that has a Cflags.private section. This allows easily using the same * files but doesn't help with the lib suffixes.

  6. Yaron Cohen-Tal

    @Tony Theodore: NP, thanx to u and @Marvin Gülker too for reporting the problems, it helps us improve cegui.

    I'll try to look into those issues, however currently I improve the static building support in general and there's some work to do there. I expect that work to take more than a few days. I'll let u know when there's something worth testing.

  7. Tony Theodore

    @Yaron Cohen-Tal , thanks, I wasn't sure about the watching toggle.

    Cross-building is generally easier than native building (for me), but windows needs name mangling for symbols (via CFLAGS) and libraries (since msvc *.lib files can be either static or shared). I was just ruminating after a long day;)

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