CEGUI 0.8 CMake files do not link to the required window libraries with the OpenGL renderer target

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Ryan Gonzalez
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This took me a good half-hour to figure out...

I've been trying to get CEGUI 0.8 on Elementary OS in order to build TSC. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single .deb package that provided the OpenGL RendererTarget headers. SO, I ended up trying to build CEGUI myself.

It worked...mostly. I ended up greeted with a host of linker errors, all related to X11.

Short version:

CEGUI attempts to link with just GLEW, but, on Linux systems, it also needs to link the X11 libraries. I had to patch cegui/src/RendererModules/OpenGL/CMakeLists.txt and add the following line to the end:

cegui_target_link_libraries(${CEGUI_TARGET_NAME} ${CEGUI_BASE_LIBNAME} X11 Xcursor Xrandr Xi Xinerama Xxf86vm pthread)

This is probably related to this closed bug in cocos2d-x. The solution?

I guess maybe FindX11 should be used to locate X11, and then link with the libraries I showed above. pthread needs to also be linked.

Since I should probably follow the template anyway:

Operating System: Elementary OS (64-bit) OS version/build: Freya

Reproducibility: Always

Reproduction steps:

  1. Use a recent version of CMake to build CEGUI on Linux WITH the OpenGL renderer target. Something like cmake ... -DCEGUI_BUILD_RENDERER_OPENGL=1.
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  1. Ryan Gonzalez reporter

    On my system, GLEW is installed as a shared library. I actually used Ninja to build; my CMake command was:

    # Within the CEGUI source directory
    mkdir build

    Here's the output:


    As for the log, I'm using Ninja to build, so I ran ninja -v:


    (Note that the linker error is a bit above the bottom; since Ninja builds in parallel, it had started to build something else when the error occurred. Just do a Ctrl+F for "DSO".)

  2. Yaron Cohen-Tal

    There r known problems building cegui with static dependencies, I work on it.

    In the mean time, plz use a shared GLFW or disable building the cegui samples. Certainly don't apply the changes as you've done, coz cegui itself certainly doesn't depend on the X window system.

  3. Yaron Cohen-Tal

    Also note that a ".deb" prolly wouldn't help u coz u use clang and linking a C++ library built with one compiler to a project built with another compiler often creates problems due to different name mangling schemes.

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