Add hint about property reference documentation

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Marvin Gülker
created an issue


I was looking for a reference of which windows support which properties and have learned that this depends on the used configuration. This high configurability is fairly nice, but if one uses one of the standard themes (like TaharezLook) one doesn't necessaryly know all of its innerts. Googling reveals there exits a reference documentation hidden on the webserver for CEGUI 0.7.x, at least the corresponding wiki page says so.

Could a) a hint be added to the official documentation that the available properties are not fixed and thus there can't be a definite reference documentation and b) another hint be added how to generate a list of properties given an existing scheme like TaharezLook? The above page appears to have been generated by a random program from some wiki page. Can the program be added to CEGUI's official source code and marked as official so one doesn't have to fear that it goes out of date every day a little more? That way there'd be a definite mechanism to generate a reference documentation of all properties.

Greetings Marvin