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Vladimir Orlov created an issue

= LookNFeelOverviewSample =

Tooltip bug: 1. Hover over a tooltipped element 2. Tooltip appears 3. Switch skin 4. Hover over a tooltipped element 5. CEGUI::AlreadyExistsException in function 'void thiscall CEGUI::NamedElement::addChild_impl(class CEGUI::Element *)' Failed to add Element named: Labelauto_tooltip__ to element at: root since an Element with that name is already attached.

Listbox bug: 1. Load sample (TaharezLook) - items in a listbox are rendered on top of each other 2. Switch to Vanilla - no items at all

= InventorySample =

Dragging preview broken (semitransparent overlay with smth like atlas parts)

= DragDropSample =

The same problem

= WidgetsSample =

MultiLineEditbox sets text from MultiLineEditbox::onTextChanged to add \n, effectively doing setText twice. Quite wasteful. Scrollbars ignore click on bar & have one step for buttons Scrollbar thumbs can be dragged outside the preview rect and lost until restart /MultiColumnList ping text is not colored /ImageButton not visible */Combobox - if text manually changed from existing to new, opened list shows previous existing text as selected Generic/Image not visible OgreTray/ComboDropList, Combobox, DropDownMenu crash "There is no WindowRendererFactory named 'Core/ListWidget' available" OgreTray/ListHeader not visible OgreTray/ListHeaderSegment not visible OgreTray/ListboxItem not visible OgreTray/Menubar not visible OgreTray/PopupMenu not visible TaharezLook/ComboDropList not visible TaharezLook/InventoryItem not visible TaharezLook/ListHeader not visible TaharezLook/PopupMenu not visible TaharezLook/SliderThumb not visible Vanilla/ComboDropList not visible WindowsLook/ComboDropList not visible WindowsLook/IconButton not visible WindowsLook/ListHeader not visible WindowsLook/ListHeaderSegment not visible WindowsLook/ListboxItem not visible WindowsLook/MenuItem not visible WindowsLook/MultiColumnList non-selected item text is white or not rendered at all WindowsLook/PopupMenu not visible WindowsLook/Slider has thumb only and is not functional WindowsLook/SliderThumb not visible WindowsLook/SystemButton not visible

= FontsSample =

Caret is too wide and causes the text to move

New font bug: 1. Select the last preset 2. Add new font mizufalp 12.0 3. Select it 4. Crash into FreeTypeFontGlyph::getRenderedAdvance(): CEGUI::FontGlyph::getImage(...) returned nullptr

= CustomShapesDrawingSample =

Left widget doesn't render FPS line

= Demo6Sample =

'Quit this demo' button doesn't work

= ModelViewSample =

Add random item in list - crash (ListViewItemRenderedString::setStringAndFormatting) if items exist, nothing if model is empty Add random item (to root) - the same Remove selected list item(s) - the same (or ListViewItemRenderedString::~ListViewItemRenderedString in tree) when at least one selected Update selected list item's name - removes item from list & removes with gap in tree when the name is empty Enable multiselection - Select multiple - Disable multiselection - Multuple items remain selected

= ScrollablePaneDemo =

No hotkey to create windows File->Quit button in menu doesn't work

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