OGRE not found (with the Ogre 1.12)

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Issue #1170 new
David Reepmeyer created an issue
**Operating System:** Mac High Sierra (64-bit)        

-- Looking for OGRE...
-- Found Ogre  (..)
-- Build type (static, dynamic) does not match the requested one.
-- Could not locate OGRE

**Reproducibility:** (doesn't apply/always/never/sometimes)

Building against Ogre 1.12 (using provided OGREConfig.cmake file from OGRE) 

**Reproduction steps:** 

1. build ogre 1.12

2. build cegui default branch

I will provide a PR for issue

Comments (4)

  1. David Reepmeyer reporter

    @Lukas Meindl I think if pull request #324 makes it to default branch this can be marked resolved. Should I create another PR for default or can that commit be cherry picked over to default and v0 branches?

  2. Lukas Meindl

    Normally, it would be merged up once I perform all merges from v0-8 to v0 to default. But if files were removed, or completely rewritten, then we might need a new PR or I need to carefully merge by hand.

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