Option to disable receipt of drag & drop events.

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Issue #128 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

At the moment there is no provision for a Window to 'opt out' of getting drag and drop notifications. This can cause issues if you have a window 'container' which can contain an 'item' - once 'item' is set for 'container', dragging and dropping a replacement 'item' could / would result in the notification being sent to the existing 'item' instead of 'container'.

Reproducibility: N/A

Additional information: Proposed implementation: Add property to CEGUI::Window: bool isDragDropTarget() void setDragDropTarget(bool setting) Property: "DragDropTarget", value "True" or "False".

DragContainer should be updated to check this setting on it's target, traveling back up the chain of parents until a window with this setting enabled is found, or we run out of windows.

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