Irrlicht 1.3 fix and GroupBox widget

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Issue #141 resolved
Former user created an issue

Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Levia"

Added patch includes the following changes: - Fix for Irrlicht 1.3 - apply this patch and Irrlicht 1.3(and any version below) will work. Please have a look at the changed config.lua file before applying.

- Added GroupBox widget. It consists out of two files: CEGUIGroupBox.h and CEGUIGroupBox.cpp. Added the looknfeel entry's for it to TaharezLook and WindowsLook. Currently looks best on WindowsLook, in other words, TaharezLook's groupbox needs some work.

- Added the GroupBox to Samples/Demo4, which is done in TaharezLook and therefore doesn't look as good as in WindowsLook. As I said - needs some work.

- Fixed 6 warnings in the lua module.

If you only want to apply the Irrlicht 1.3 fix and the 6 warnings, leave the patched datafiles, the CEGUIGroupBox.cpp/h out.

Reproducibility: always

Additional information: Tested and working.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: kokoro-sama

    Irrlicht patch applied, thank you for that submission.

    If you could give an explanation or a wiki entry on what the groupbox does, we can probably work it into svn then. Also if possible can you attach individual header file and source file to this report for the GroupBox instead of a patch.

    Also a package needs to be created for the to_lua binding generator for the group box.

    The 6 warnings in the lua module are generated by the lua binding generator and as such the patch supplied will be overwritten the next time the binding generator is run. I will look into fixing the packages instead.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: kokoro-sama

    The warnings have been fixed. They will no longer appear after rengenerating the bindings.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Original reporter: scriptkid

    Groupbox applied. The DrawAroundWidget needs some work though. A quick test didn't look too good. I'll have a look at that. Thanks :)

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