CEGUI::String::assign() wrong behaviour

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Issue #152 resolved
Former user created an issue

Automatic migration. Original reporter: "Ayudo"

try CEGUI::String sTest = CEGUI::String("abc").substr(0,10);

sTest.length() will be 10 now -> wrong behaviour IMO.

fix: GEstring& assign(const GEstring& str, size_type str_idx = 0, size_type str_num = npos) { if (str.d_cplength < str_idx) throw std::out_of_range("Index was out of range for CEGUI::GEstring object");

if (str_num == npos || (str_num != npos && str_num > str.d_cplength - str_idx) ) str_num = str.d_cplength - str_idx;

grow(str_num); setlen(str_num); memcpy(ptr(), &str.ptr()[str_idx], str_num * sizeof(GEutf32));

return *this; }

Reproducibility: always

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  1. Paul Turner

    Fixed in trunk, r1529.

    There were also some other assign, append, and insert operations affected by the same issue. I've fixed all of these too.

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