Feature request - Texture::writeToMemory()

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Issue #166 resolved
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Automatic migration. Original reporter: "ares23"

It would be useful to have a mirror function of Texture::loadFromMemory() such as writeToMemory(). This would make it fairly easy to edit textures programatically which is highly desirable.

Thanks for considering it.

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  1. Paul Turner

    Thanks for the request.

    This should be fairly simple to implement so could well make it into the system in a reasonable time frame :)

  2. Paul Turner

    In the implementations for the new renderer model, it has been made much easier to get access to the underlying textures wrapped by CEGUI::Texture, thus it's fairly trivial to use API specific methods to update those textures - which IMO is better, and faster, than providing a wrapper function to do the same. As such, I'm marking this issue as resolved.

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