Sample applications do not build under Msys/MinGW

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When building CEGUI, the library builds fine (after changing it to link with libwinmm.a), but the sample applications get errors about various glut symbols not being defined in this scope.

This makes sense as MinGW has GL/GLU but not GLUT and I haven't successfully compiled freeglut/openglut at all. But my application does not need GLUT support, apparently the samples do.

An idea is to detect if glut is available at configure time, and if not still allow the library/opengl renderer/etc to be built, but avoid building the samples that need glut.

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  1. Paul Turner

    This issue has been fixed in branches/v0-6 at rev 1706.

    We actually already had a check for the lib (which comes as part of (some of?) the mingw32 distributions). However, we were not checking for the glut header (which apparently does not come with mingw32). There was also another issue relating to linking with the glut libs that are part of mingw32. All of these issues should now be resolved.

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