Editbox can not be activated after previously active editbox is hidden

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Issue #185 resolved
Paul Turner created an issue

Ref: IRC conversation with zarroba.

<zarroba> The situation is the following <zarroba> I have a window that is shown and then I activate it with activate() for the window to gain input focus <zarroba> when I hide the window and if I select an editbox I can't write to it <CE|away> you select the editbox with the mouse? <zarroba> the first window is still active and the root checks it first, so sends the event to it <zarroba> yes <CE|away> hmm that does not sound right at all :) <CE|away> the edit box and 'hidden' window are siblings at the same level in the hierarchy? <zarroba> yeah, I've added a call to deactivate when I hide the window and it works just fine <zarroba> nope <CE|away> ok. Definitely sounds like a bug :) <zarroba> the window I'm hiding and showing has an editbox and the activate is on this editbox <zarroba> maybe I have too many editboxs :) <CE|away> Ah, so the editbox on the window that gets hidden is active, and this prevents subsequent activation of a different editbox? <zarroba> yes <CE|away> ok. I have made a note and will investigate properly tomorrow. This is with version 0.6.0? <zarroba> that's it. getActiveChild of root returns that editbox instead of the visible editbox that I have selected with the mouse <zarroba> nope. 0.5

Reproducibility: unable to reproduce

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  1. Paul Turner reporter

    I tested this in 0.5.0 and 0.6.0 but was unable to reproduce the issue as far as being unable to select the second editbox - I'll need additional information such as the full layout / window hierarchy being used.

    I can confirm there is a small issue that exists with regards to windows remaining active after being hidden.

  2. Paul Turner reporter

    This exact issue was not reproducible, but in discussion with the originator it was decided that the related ticket #188 was the causing factor - that issue is now fixed, so I'm resolving this ticket also.

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